Learning from Dwarfs

My daughter gave me an innocuous little gift in my stocking this year. To the best of my knowledge there was no double meaning intended, but a much deeper meaning is precisely what I received. What was the gift? Two of the seven dwarfs… Happy & Grumpy.

Maybe I just want desperately to believe that she didn’t mean anything by the gift. No matter. Almost immediately my mind began to whirl. And 6 days before then end of the year, I made a resolution.

I put these two iconic fellows on the nightstand by my bed. Each morning as I wake up I make a choice… Happy? Or Grumpy? Thank God for little children. Thank God for little dwarfs.

2 thoughts on “Learning from Dwarfs

  1. so I’m goin’ through my inbox and see this email from you with a link to this blog. I remembered that I hadn’t been out here to check it out.

    I admin a blog. It’s an emergent conversation whith Church of God-ers, mostly from MI, but some others too.

    kids can really teach us stuff can they?

  2. Bro, glad you’re back from the dead. Thanks for chiming in. Wow! The lessons from the little ones. Romans 2-3 tomorrow. I can hardly wait to drag myself out of bed in the morning.

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