What I’m Reading: A Closer Look

I made one of those New Year’s things… some call them resolutions. My resolve was to make a strong effort to read one book each week. One month in and I’ve made it so far.

I was thinking it might help me to be faithful if I let others know what I was attempting… that whole accountability concept.

One more thought to keep me going is that I am planning to write a brief synopsis of each book after I’ve read it.

I’ll go back to the beginning of the year and catch the ones I have not yet reviewed and then I’ll try to be faithful to write each week about that particular week’s book.

2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: A Closer Look

  1. Rob! You are so awesome! I love that you are the pastor of my home believer family…it brings me much joy that you are leading teenagers to truth, life in Christ! I didn’t know that you were such the thinker, reader, writer…that’s really cool. I admire your goal to read a book a week. That’s crazy and fun. Way to challenge the great mind God has given you. I was trying to think of a book to recommend to you…but I am not the biggest reader…Have you heard of Total Truth by Pearcey? Someone gave that to me for Christmas…it may be similar to How Now Shall We Live, but I haven’t read that so I’m not even sure…anyway, I started Total Truth and have enjoyed it much. Keep enjoying the Source of true joy!

  2. Hey Beth! Thanks for the encouragement. We’re only 1 month in… I may need a few more of these notes along the way. And thanks for the book recommendation. My list for the year is still incomplete. I’ll add Total Truth to that list. I’m sure it is similar to How Now Shall We Live, but probably different enough as well. Because Nancy Pearcey co-wrote the other volume with Chuck Colson. Thanks for the suggestion. I probably won’t get to it for several weeks because my to-read list is already in the 40’s. Hope all is well with you. I’m praying that you keep growing in your walk with Jesus.

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