Week #7: Safe People by Henry Cloud & John Townsend

The first – and most obvious – thought that this book brought to mind was how blessed I am. This is primarily so because of my college training in counseling. At Northland Baptist Bible College where I was trained, we were taught the value of healthy relationships. Prior to my experiences there I had never considered the value of accountability in being mutually connected to other people for the sake of growing in my faith and life.

This book brought all of that early learning rushing back! It served as a barometer to show me how fortunate I am. My best friend (and the safest person in my life) is my wife. We share life. Even after almost 13 years of marriage I am still learning the complexities of her safety. And to borrow and paraphrase a thought from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe… safe is not always easy… but safe is always good.

In addition to my wife since my college days I have always actively looked for and participated in weekly accountability with other guys. These relationships have proven to be my most enduring friendships. I list them here because they have each contributed to my spiritual safety and given me solicited and unsolicited prodding to stay on the path.

Monty Kaufman
Andy Henderson
Josh Matteson
Allan Beane
Flynn Clanton
Jim Gray
Randy Bennett

I suspect that my list is not complete. For the last almost 5 years Jim Gray and I have been meeting almost every week. He is one my best friends in the world… a truly safe person.

These relationships take time to develop. But I think each of us knows what we need in this type of friendship. Pray for it. Look for it. God will show you someone within your reach to befriend in this way.

One thought on “Week #7: Safe People by Henry Cloud & John Townsend

  1. I’m a HUGE Rob McQueary fan! And, anyone who reads this should consider becoming a fan too.

    Rob, thanks for your commitment and your friendship! Let’s go another five.
    Much love,

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