Why Is It So Hard to Slow Down?

I don’t know how the discussions go in your home, but it seems that my kids are constantly telling me that I need to slow down. Kids sure are smart.

Truthfully my wife is my greater conscience on this topic. I just don’t slow very easily. I’m stuck in fifth gear rollin’ in a four-speed ride. There are many reasons for this. The sanctified ones go something like this…

I’m the breadwinner of this household.
If a man doesn’t work, he shouldn’t eat.

Those types of statements sound good when you’re thinking them… and only then. In my own experience it will always be a continuing struggle to pace myself better. Prioritize accurately. And the hardest one for me… say “no”.

In a few weeks my Book of the Week is entitled The Rest of God by Mark Buchanan. I hope I can make it ’til then.

What has prompted me to write about this? I’ve been sick (again) this week. I’m beginning to think illness may be God’s way of slowing me down. Not retribution. Just the fruit of my poor decisions. So maybe thinking about it… talking about it… dare I say, praying about it… will help me to see that this slowing down stuff is the way to go.

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