Week #8: Becoming Conversant With the Emerging Church by D.A. Carson

One of my favorite people in the world to interact with intellectually. Dr. Carson is a capital B… brilliant man. He can talk about things that I cannot even begin to understand without even having any notes in front of him. I’ve seen him do it. The man could preach an entire sermon reading from his Greek New Testament. I doubt he would do that (or certainly not broadcast the fact that he was) because he is also a genuinely humble man.

The above paragraph could be referred to as credentialing.

In this book Carson demonstrates his ability to not only grasp the thinking of the Emergent Church/Conversation, but also to dissect it and evaluate it in the light of Scripture.

In early chapters he talks eloquently about the major themes from within the movement. He is fair-handed and balanced in that he even credits Emergents with their keen understanding of contemporary culture.

Perhaps his most useful contribution comes in the later chapters where he cites voluminous numbers of scriptures that assert the exact opposite of what Emergent philosophies project.

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