The Rock Gospel of Jesus Christ

Christian music is constantly evolving and finding new ways to express the message of Jesus. For the most part this is a good thing. Occasionally there will be a group that is difficult to categorize so we usually give them a multi-genre labeling (the music world’s equivalent to receiving an Oscar). Even rarer is a group who pulls off a ministry “first”. That is precisely what we have in the group Strive.

Derick Thompson, Chris Powers and Will Puth have put together an auditory feast. The music is all original. That by itself is a miracle these days. The music is good. But the music is NOT the story… Jesus is.

Without a spoken word Strive tells the life story of Jesus in musical format. No acting. No cheezy props. They have chosen the medium of music flavored with classic art which provides the visual stimulus to accentuate the powerful message flooding your ears. Visit their website to learn more about The Rock Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Chapel Student Ministry (where I serve) is bringing The Rock Gospel to St. Joseph this coming Palm Sunday, April 9. This is a FREE event!

All you need to do to participate is click the RSVP below sending an email that will reserve your FREE ticket. Type ROCK GOSPEL in the subject line. Space is limited and tickets are going fast. Take advantage of this incredible time of worship for some and investigation for others.


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