Hot Topics

Perhaps the picture above is more fitting than I originally intended. My initial thought was to use an illustration that played on the word “hot” by overstating the obvious. Upon further review this image also demonstrates the fury that some of these topics generate.

In the next few weeks I will be teaching a series entitled Hot Topics. Our high school students have assembled quite a list of issues that don’t frankly come up all that often in an expositional approach to study – which we favor at our church – but come up often in their world.

My goal in this series is to deal fairly and biblically with each subject. Where Scripture is clear I will try to be; and when it is silent, I will endeavor to echo its stillness. Above all my prayer is that I would speak with compassion at all times and with extra doses of grace when there are known differences of opinion within the Christian community.

I will chronicle our journey here. May these thoughts give us the proper impression of Christ.

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