Lessons from Lent

At the almost half-way point of the Lenten season I would like to chronicle a bit of my journey with the experience thus far. Without a doubt I am thankful for this expedition. From the start I thought that participating by fasting would not be nearly enough to gain the full benefit of what Lent is to be. My goal was to replace that which I am fasting with something that would point my heart and mind back to my initial reason for participating… realizing anew the sacrifice of Christ on my behalf.

I decided to fill the void with — prayer. But I didn’t want it just to be a scripted, bow my head and thank God for all the great stuff He has done for me kind of prayer. I wanted it to be different. Meaningful. Outside the box. I did a little digging and decided that I would venture in to some new waters. I came upon the concept of fixed-hour praying. Right away my mind went to the story of Daniel. Obviously this was not a new concept… just new to me.

So my 20-day journey has led me to pray more intentionally and if the second half is anything like the first it will continue to deepen my realization of what Christ means to me.

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