Week #15: Not Even A Hint by Joshua Harris

The fact that it is now Thursday and I am just now making time to talk about the book I read last week should give you some indication of the pace at which life has been passing.

This book is a must-read for every teenager (every man in fact)! I believe this so much that I am planning to teach from this material for an entire quarter to our Middle School guys.

The main reason I like this book is because it is honest and concise. Harris takes the high points of this reality and talks about them from a scriptural perspective succinctly. Without over-indulging in the specifics he gives us the details of the fight against sinful lust. He is not afraid to take a counter-cultural position… where Scripture does.

I particularly appreciate his emphasis on accountability. One of the first specific issues that we talk about in my weekly time of accountability is how we are dealing with the area of lust and pornography and such. To quote from the book… lone rangers are dead rangers.

Praise God for this eloquent addition to winning the war against our flesh!

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