Week #16: Leadership 101 by Denise VanEck

The word quintessential comes to mind as I think of summarizing this book. For those (chauvinists) who cannot imagine reading a book on leadership written by a woman… get over it! Denise delivers powerful reminders in understandable language. What I most appreciate about her thoughts is that they are honest. Leadership is often talked about in terms of systems. VanEck takes a different approach in that she highlights the importance of the leader tending to his personal relationships with God and others as the main component in being a godly leader.

I especially enjoyed her fair (not overly-contextualized) use of Bible examples of leaders that had to “get their own house in order” so that they could be the leader that God intended them to be.

Also helpful were the exercises at the end of each chapter. These made the teaching practical and allowed for instant application of truths just discussed.

I’m not sure I learned anything new as I read this book. I’m not sure I need to. Leadership 101 reminded me of the simplicity of this scary position that Christ has called me to… to be a leader of people. And I was reminded of the fact that my weaknesses can be strengths as I handle them with honesty.

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