Week #18: Now, Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham & Donald Clifton

The first rule these authors break is the age-old myth that good leaders and managers need to be good at numerous and varied tasks. They contend that, in fact, we should do the hardest work to discover the things that are truly strengths for us and then accentuate those strengths.

I will admit that this concept is very difficult for me because of some of the ideas that I have grown up with (not necessarily a comment on their merit). My ideas of “good leadership” included the well-rounded leader, the life-long learner and a host of other thoughts that are now being challenged as I consider the “strength” of this volume.

At the same time I can see that this concept also has the potential to be VERY freeing. If I am concentrating on knowing what I am good and doing it, there is great possibility for focus. Also it demands that I rely on others for the success of the whole. This is always a good thing.

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