Week #19: The Rest of God by Mark Buchanan

Last week I did what any truly good person should do… I listened to the advice of a confidant who was telling me to do something I would NEVER have done on my own. The person happened to be my wife (it usually is in these types of moments). And the advice she gave was that I desperately needed to take a week’s vacation.

I had originally planned to read this particular book a bit later in the year. Because of the purpose of this week… I thought it would be appropriate to read this book while trying to take a rest.

For those of us who have been trained as I have, having a strong work ethic is tied to everything. Being a good husband = being a good worker. Being a good Christian = being a good worker. And on the list could go. So no one could ever (accurately) accuse me of being sluggardly when it comes to work. The resting part comes much less naturally for me.

The thrust of this book was that it is equally important to rest. The author demonstrates what over-stressed workers look like. He described me. The one thing that stood out above the others was his description of a man who gets irritated by the noises (laughter) of his children. Yuk! That’s me on occasion.

I was reminded that I need to develop a rest habit… with the same intentionality that I came to a philosophy of work. Lord, help me to rest and find you in those moments.

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