Week #20: Seizing Your Divine Moment by Erwin McManus

The thing I love about McManus is that he can say the same things that someone else is saying and for some reason they sound different when he says them. Perhaps it’s the poet in me that resounds with this creative soul. Once again (my second McManus book of the year – see Week #10) my soul has been stirred and pushed.

The singular emphasis of this book seems to be… ACT! Too many of us who are Christ-followers are equal parts faith and inaction. McManus calls (dares) us to take hold of that divine moment that has been afforded us and do something with it. I feel equal parts stung and motivated as I read his rebuke/encouragement.

Part of me believes that God is the superintendent of all things good and as such I must be careful not to “orchestrate” (or believe I am) His will in my reality. Most of the time – in my world – that is a cop out. I know that God is in control of my life. I seldom (almost never) struggle with that. Where I struggle is knowing when it is God’s plan that I take action. That was precisely the takeaway of this book for me.

It is still about God creating the moment… but it is also about me acting upon His creation!

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