Week #22: The Case for A Creator by Lee Strobel

This is a book for the skeptics. Strobel writes from an authoritative viewpoint because of his own journey. Once a professed atheist and also an excellent journalist with the Chicago Tribune, Lee Strobel came by his faith the “hard way”… through investigation.

If you are looking for Sunday School answers and Christian cliches you will likely find this book wanting. But if you seek honest – at times difficult – analysis, you have landed on a gold mine.

Strobel gives way to the experts as he asks (and allows them to answer) the difficult questions relating to origins. The brilliance of this book is that there was no scheming or plotting required. The simple, honest and scientific realities support the notion that there is something, someone beyond all of us that is holding our intricate reality together.

Even the debunking is done in a kind and believable way. Strobel never preaches and allows others (those expert guys mentioned earlier) to do the talking. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who “needs to know the why”.

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