Week #25: Brothers, We Are Not Professionals by John Piper

This book will obviously have a limited appeal. I actually received this book as a gift a couple years ago when John Piper was speaking at our district convention here in Michigan. I know it’s bad that I am just now reading it.

This book is textbook Piper. These kinds of “hard” words are the reason I think so many of the younger guys are so enamored with John Piper… and to some degree… rightfully so. His clarion call is that those with clerical stripes be less like Wall Street and more like Emmaus Road. That we would be less concerned with a corporate ministry model and more concerned with proclaiming truth (that doesn’t belong to us) in a loving but distinct manner.

The thing I most appreciate about this work is its inextricable link to God’s Word as the source. Above opinion. Above culture. Above personal preference. I MUST be a student of the Bible before I can be a teacher!

God, help me to never forget the calling you gave to me as a young teen. The calling I have never abandoned. The call not to outthink people, but rather to nurture and shepherd them in the way of Jesus.

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