Week #29: The Heavenly Man by Brother Yun w/ Paul Hattaway

May this text be proof to Cessationists that spiritual gifts are indeed an all or nothing proposition! Legitimate stories of visions and miracles abound in the life of this modern-day prophet and teacher Brother Yun.

Over and over the truths of this man’s story demonstrate the fact that God was using his life to carry a message that was larger than any one person’s life… the gospel!

These are the stories legends are made of. Yet the only story here is the preservation of a man who was consumed with giving God the glory because of the miraculous nature of his existence.

From a culture that is quite different than ours we find MUCH teaching (and modeling) that should be present in American Christianity. The sacrifice. The humility. The focus. The power of giving yourself away for the cause of Christ. Would any of us be able to stand in those circumstances?

The greatest takeaway for me surrounded the suffering. Would I suffer for Christ as graciously as Brother Yun? He was not rude. He was not arrogant. It wasn’t just that he “boldly” opposed others that made his stand appealing. He stood on principle for the sake of the gospel. Those who watched in disbelief came to a saving knowledge of who this man represented… Jesus Himself.

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