Week #31: Future Grace by John Piper

This book challenged me at MANY levels. At the shallow end I was challenged to finish it – over 400 pages worth. The deeper stuff took me to places of connecting the reality of God’s grace with the reality of my sin. I know that is the essence of the message of Jesus, but sometimes I admit falling into the trap of making the application of salvation the same as (or very similar to) the purchase of a gallon of milk at the local grocery.

I walk in… choose which type of salvation (milk) I want to drink of… pay the heavenly cashier (even though I believe that Jesus paid it all is not just a song)… and go on my merry way happier… indeed milkier.

That works for milk. But with salvation there is a transaction that I cannot even complete understand and certainly not pay for with my own NSF (non-sufficient funds). Even though there is part of us that wishes it were another way. That we could in fact be a more significant part of the transaction, there is the reality that of all the things we may or may not know about the finer points of salvation – the reality that we did not/could not earn it makes total sense to the honest heart/mind. That’s why we call it GRACE!

OK enough of my soteriological tirade… this book is more than that. Piper challenged me to look afresh at how deeply I believe grace affects the way I live today. That is the brilliance of the title! He sucks the sci-fi fan in with talk of the future, but in actuality he is spurring us to consider how the grace of Christ is affecting the way we live our lives today.

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