Week #32: The Spirit to Serve by J.W. Marriott & Kathi Ann Brown

Admittedly (intentionally) most of the books I read fall squarely into the realm of Christian thought. I am, after all, a pastor who is trying to better himself and deepen his craft.

However I see much value in learning from people who have been successful in the eyes of the world. I enjoy studying their journey and learning from their successes and failures. That’s why I chose to read the Marriott biography. Though I would never build a ministry model from a corporate mentality, it does not prevent me from taking in the biblically compatible truths that they have (perhaps even accidentally) subscribed to.

Because this book was a somewhat more technical book than I am used to reading I will simply list the major takeaways:

  1. take care of the people that work for you (with you in my case).
  2. learners are listeners (and not just listening to words)
  3. value the team more than the individual
  4. risk is an inextricable part of success

As I build my team these are truths that I will keep trying to transfer into the way we do ministry.

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