It’s Time to Surrender

Enough’s enough. For weeks I have carried on an embarrassing charade… inside my head! One week passed then another and soon it was 7 (this week makes 8) weeks that I had failed to blog about the book I read. The charade was that I would actually return at some point and blog about all of them at once. I’m done.

Mind you, I have not given up on my initial goal of reading a book each week. In that pursuit I have done far better. This coming week will be #42 and I have yet to finish a week with an unfinished book.

But after 41 books I am finally waving the white flag of surrender to the blogging aspect. For those few of you who care, you can take comfort in knowing that I did not give up the reading goal – doing a book each week (only the blogging… and that was never really part of the original goal anyway).

I offer these two explanations for my ammendment – both noble in their own right.

  1. my desire to put my all into the start of another year in student ministry
  2. my recent addiction to MySpace… you can find me at

I will continue to offer my unsolicited commentaries on whatever unimportant issues I happen to be musing on at the time. Thanks for the emails and the encouragement to keep writing. I appreciate and need the gentle prodding.

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