Lost & Found

You know that feeling you get when you are traveling and you are a bit nervous that you have left something at home that you will have to do without? Well I had that feeling… I was pretty sure that I had packed a suitcase for this trip. Yet when we arrived in Hungary – no suitcase!
When we left the airport yesterday (Saturday) afternoon they promised that it would be coming later in the day. How they knew that I could not tell. And sure enough… it did not come. So Sunday morning church was Blue Jean Sunday for me. Definitely within my comfort zone, but I felt a bit out of place considering what most others were wearing. The worst part was not being able to refresh after the long trip. So that means the last clean set of clothes was the Friday morning set which I am still wearing. Yuk!

Thankfully my bag did arrive Sunday afternoon. All is well. And no one died from my stench in the process. It was a good reminder lesson that life is not about what we have… but who we are. Thanks, Lord.

One thought on “Lost & Found

  1. You should have talked to my dad, a man who’s spent alot of time in airports, before you left. He would have told you to bring atleast 2 extra sets of clothes in your carry on if possible, esspecially if traveling out of the country. You never know if your luggage will get there when you get there or if it will get there 5 days later, or if it’ll even show up at all

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