Limping Along

Pastor Phil was not at all himself today. After a rough night and no breakfast he made it to the classroom to teach – would you have expected any less… then back to the room to crash. After sleeping during most of the day, he was starting to feel better around dinner time and even ate a little. Praise God for Coke & crackers! Unless you knew he wasn’t feeling well, you would not have been able to tell. His Zechariah class started with a bang (as much of a bang as Zechariah can muster)! Seriously, the students were attentive and engaged.

I had a GREAT time hanging out with the men in the Dorm Bible Study and was asked to share my testimony. My challenge to them was to begin to see their own stories 1. as not their own stories, but God’s story of work in them and 2. not so much as a “salvation-only” story, but as one that God is still writing. We had fun thinking about what difference that would make in the way we view our testimonies. Though there were probably 6 or 7 different preferred languages in our circle, God was clearly telling us all much of the same thing… be ready always to talk about the work I am doing in you and realize that the work is only just begun.

One thought on “Limping Along

  1. Hey Rob! Great to hear you’re not sick! I hope Phil is back to himself quickly. I’ll try to hold down the fort tonight. I had a rough start in preparing the lesson, but God brought Peter to mind and it all fell into place quickly after that.

    Come back soon! 🙂 God bless…

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