Bringin' It

Thankfully Pastor Phil’s virus was only of the 24-hour variety and he is – as they say – fine as a frog hair. Better than that really… if that is possible. Wait a minute! Frogs don’t have hair. But he is feeling better and his teaching is going well and the students all love him very much. Of course I’m sure that has nothing to do with the fact that he gives them chocolate every day… especially with peanut butter (which is a Hungarian rarity).

I preached in chapel yesterday… here’s a black & white of me bringin’ it Billy Sunday-style. Oops! That is Billy Sunday. It did go well though. I was actually trying to deliver a somewhat serious message – particularly because I was pretty sure my humor would not translate. I inadvertently (that’s code for: I actually can’t help myself) started down a comic path and I just could not stop. Fortunately the joke landed – and not a crash landing thank you very much. It was a total God moment because I initially was not planning to use this certain illustration and it helped everyone laugh and really be open to the final application. Praise God!

So thank you all for your prayers. We feel them! Pastor’s illness only lasted part of one day and the real miracle… that I have not been sick at all!!!

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