For What It's Worth: My 2006 Book Reading List

Many people have asked if I would post a list of the books that I read in 2006… here it is. For those who may not know, at the beginning of last year I determined that I would try to read one book each week. I made it! The fact that I read them does not imply an endorsement (though some of them I would highly recommend). If you really want to know, feel free to email me.

  1. Mere Christianity… Lewis
  2. Blue Like Jazz… Miller
  3. Dinner With A Perfect Stranger… Gregory
  4. RevolutionBarna
  5. Walk On: The Spiritual Journey of U2Stockman
  6. A Case for AmillennialismRiddlebarger
  7. Safe People… Cloud & Townsend
  8. Becoming Conversant With the Emerging Church… Carson
  9. The Prayer of Jabez for Teens… Wilkinson
  10. An Unstoppable ForceMcManus
  11. How to Have Real JoySpurgeon
  12. Raising A Modern-Day Knight… Lewis
  13. The Divine Conspiracy… Willard
  14. The Da Vinci Code… Brown
  15. Not Even A Hint… Harris
  16. Leadership 101VanEck
  17. Breakout Churches… Rainer
  18. Now, Discover Your Strengths… Buckingham & Clifton
  19. The Rest of God… Buchanan
  20. Seizing Your Divine MomentMcManus
  21. Help! I’m A Student Leader… Fields
  22. The Case for A CreatorStrobel
  23. Benjamin FranklinIsaacson
  24. The Cross-Centered LifeMahaney
  25. Brothers We Are Not Professionals… Piper
  26. The Spirit of the Disciplines… Willard
  27. FacedownRedman
  28. Developing A Vision for MinistryMalphurs
  29. The Heavenly Man… Brother Yun
  30. Velvet Elvis… Bell
  31. Future Grace… Piper
  32. The Spirit to Serve… Marriott
  33. Coaching Ministry TeamsGangel
  34. Nurturing the Soul of the Youth Worker… Smith
  35. Summoned to Lead… Sweet
  36. Every Man’s Battle... Arterburn
  37. Love Life for Every Married Couple… Wheat
  38. Our Endangered Values… Carter
  39. Parenting Today’s AdolescentRainey
  40. Different Children, Different Needs… Boyd
  41. The Mark of Jesus… George & Woodbridge
  42. Traveling MerciesLamott
  43. Boundaries… Cloud & Townsend
  44. Foundations of God’s CityBoice
  45. UprisingMcManus
  46. Developing the Leader Within You… Maxwell
  47. The Book of Romance… Nelson
  48. Speaking My MindCampolo
  49. Know Why You Believe… Little
  50. The God DelusionDawkins
  51. Foolishness to the GreeksNewbigin
  52. Abba’s Child… Manning

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