Your Place to Belong

Sometimes Christians seem to be all about the things that we can’t do because we are following Christ. You shouldn’t choose such-and-such a lifestyle… you shouldn’t vote for someone who is of this political party… and on it goes.

But what about the benefits of being connected to Jesus?

  1. you are chosen (and I’m not even about to get into the whole Calvinist v. Armenian thing… just enjoy the reality)
  2. you are royal
  3. you are part of a holy nation
  4. you belong to God
  5. you are privileged to declare His praises to others because of what He has already done for you

So belonging to God means there are benefits too… not just a list of things that I cannot do anymore. Relish that for awhile. Think on it. I’m pretty certain that as you focus on the truths of the first 4… your heart will automatically be drawn to #5.

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