Amazing Indeed

This past Sunday night I took a group of high school students to watch the movie Amazing Grace… which is essentially the life story of William Wilberforce. Quite frankly, I did not know much about Wilberforce’s legacy until I began studying up so I could let students know about why we were seeing this movie. My studies led me to a man who gave his life to living out the principles that he believed were paramount to following Jesus. In his case it happened to be the anti-slavery movement.

The challenge I gave my students ahead of watching the movie was, “What is God calling you to give your life to?”

The movie’s title hearkens back to the title of the famous hymn by the same title… Amazing Grace. It is the life story of John Newton, the former slave ship master. It leads us to discuss the very nature of grace which communicates special favor given to the undeserving.

The question I was left with – in a rather overwhelming way – was the same question I left with my students… what does God want me to give my life to in this way?

As noble as abolishing the slave trade is (and I mean that), there is a far more important work to which I aspire. My life’s work is very simply to help people see the reality of who God is and the difference I can make in the way people choose to live their lives!!!

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