Baseball and the Resurrection

My two favorite events happen every springtime: celebrating the opening of another season of baseball and celebrating the resurrection of Christ (not necessarily in that order). In fact, they are definitely not in that order. What could baseball possibly have in common with the most important event in history? You might be surprised.

  1. Both events mark new beginnings.
  2. Both anticipate a return of glorious proportions.
  3. For Cubs fans and Atheists they signify the beginning of an illusion.
  4. For the rest of us… they represent new life given to all.

My attention was particularly drawn to the image accompanying this post, admittedly because I am a White Sox fan, but even more because I am a huge fan of the Incarnation. The most amazing thing about the reality of Christ for me is that He is unlike all the other religious systems that this world has to offer (including the aforementioned Atheist). When the fence (that’s you and me) wouldn’t/couldn’t come to Him, He came to the fence. Praise be to God for His unspeakable gift!

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