Following Jesus – Core Value #4

Until this point Christian readers have been nervous wondering if and when there would be any mention of Jesus. And at this same hot spot perhaps some not-yet-Christians are similarly cautious but for the opposite reason. Let’s face it – Jesus was/is in many ways a polarizing figure. So when we say we are going to be about following Jesus what are we talking about?

This is a pivotal issue in my mind. It is the main focus that led me to start Process Church. A little over a year ago I read a catalytic book entitled They Like Jesus but Not the Church. The book postulated that many pre-Christian people are not in fact turned off by the message of Jesus, but instead by those who claim to follow Him. I have found many of those same thoughts in my talks with people.

So who are we following? Which Jesus? Clearly there are differing definitions of who Jesus is. For our purposes we are talking about the Jesus of the Scriptures. We will seek to know Him. To study His life… what He said… where He went… what He did. It is the Jesus we find in the pages of Scripture that I believe is worth following.

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