The Clarity In the Fog

Yesterday evening we had one of the thickest fogs that I can ever remember in quite some time. You could hardly see a car-length in front of you. As I was cautiously traveling from church to home I noticed several things about that experience that reminded me of the journey that God has us on as we begin Process Church.

  1. you pay closer attention when you can’t see all of where you’re going
  2. you slow down
  3. you realize how important lights (esp. car lights) are to indicate the closeness of others
  4. you see that a little light goes a long way

This path God has our family on has already produced every one of these same things (and more). Here’s how…

  1. God has reminded us that hearing His voice is made easier when we can’t see all the details of where we’re going.
  2. God has continued to verify that doing His work best includes allowing plenty of time for planning.
  3. God has encouraged our hearts with the closeness of His people & their lights of partnership through prayer, finances and some praying about moving to GA with us.
  4. God has allowed us to see answers to our prayers… some that we have hardly even yet uttered.

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