Running In Circles

Most things cycle. Watch fashion fads. Things hip & cool today are really only borrowed things from another era. Trends are trendy… and really it doesn’t make much sense to keep re-inventing the wheel. So new is never as new as we want to believe. It’s just new to us. So even our lives have a somewhat circular nature.

We understand that. But that’s different than running around in circles. Too much of that can make a person crazy. Ever feel like you just want to scream for someone to stop the ride so you can get off? I had one of those weeks this past week.

I actually like being busy. Probably a little too much. The standing joke (though it’s really not that funny) in our house is that it took me 3 years to read the Cloud & Townsend modern-day classic called Boundaries… mainly because I didn’t have any.

This week I was meeting myself coming and going – as they say. I returned Monday from speaking 5 times at a retreat for several E-Free churches in Wisconsin to finish preparations for a Wednesday evening lesson for our middle schoolers on ministering to the elderly. Then Friday it was off to our High School Retreat where I spoke 4 times and left early to come back and preach twice today.

God showed up in a big way and made my paths straight… like He says He will do. So I guess it only started as a circle.

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