The Maze of Grace

Have you ever noticed that some of the most difficult places to get to are some of the most rewarding? I find this especially true when I am trying to escape technological tethers (cell phones, email and the like).fs.jpg

I remember a hike we used to take at a camp where I  worked for several years. It was a pretty grueling hike that lasted for what seemed like hours – I’m sure it was only minutes. There were even spots were you had to help each other up steep inclines or over large exposed roots. At the end of the first leg was a beautiful waterfall that made the return trip seem to take mere seconds. All of the complaining and sweating and stumbling was erased by the beauty of that moment.

I think this is very much the way grace works. The path of least resistance seldom leads to the most beautiful place. It is through difficulty that I often best experience the grace of God. When I am tempted or tested I am given the opportunity to renew my commitment to Christ. I may best understand His grace when I am in need of it the most.

These thoughts remind me of an old Wayne Watson tune called A Beautiful Place.

If I had my way, I must admit
If I called every play of the game
I’d pray for good times, blue sky and sunshine
And I’d avoid with a passion the pain
But with every blow from an angry wind
And with every dark shadow that falls
There’s a better view up around the bend
Where this puzzle makes some sense after all

Mistakes and misfortunes will come and go
To try and to fail is no disgrace
Sometimes the rough and rocky road
Will take you to a beautiful place

One thought on “The Maze of Grace

  1. It’s been awhile since I’ve had time to sit and read alllll your posts. This one touched me right here *points to center of chest*. You know everything I’m going through right now and all I have to cling to is this hope – this hope that my brother will let God making something beautiful out of his mess.

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