A Very, Very, Very Fine House

… but not for the reasons you might think.

It is true that we are in the midst of trying to sell our house. Many of you are even praying with us for that sale. I hardly know where to begin to talk about the lessons that God is teaching me as we wait on Him in this phase of our journey… but I will try.

I am the quintessential male – I like to be in control. WARNING: out loud therapy session begins now!!! I can hardly stand to watch television without the remote being in my hand. Yuk! Why don’t I feel better for having admitted that.

The house selling process has reminded me that there are many things (this is definitely one of them) that are outside my control. Parts of that are very unsettling for me. Now this is the part where you expect me to say that I have given God control and now everything is beautiful. Wrong. I am still a selfish lump who desires to control the sale of this house. So what of it? What am I doing to try to overcome my selfishness?

Every day (most days… several times-a-day) as I pull out of the driveway I say a very simple yet meaningful prayer. It goes something like this… “God, you know that I want to control this sale. We both know I cannot. We both know You can. You know what I need. I trust you to control this process and teach me to trust your loving hand.

This is still hard for me… almost every day. But I am thankful for this house. It is leading me to trust the control of my Father!

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