When was the last time you were blown away by something? What was it about that event that caused you to be amazed? Personally, I don’t think this happens enough in our everyday lives… or does it? Perhaps these kinds of things are going on around us more often than we realize.

This weekend I was overwhelmed by God. Almost 14 months ago I sat in my office and with great fear explained to my boss that I was relatively certain God was calling me to start a church. In the days and weeks that followed I have been witness to not a few details that only God could possibly be responsible for. Frankly they are too many to name. Here is one.

Saturday began as many do. I had taken my day off earlier in the week so I was in the office finalizing my words for Sunday. I came home a little early because we had an evening activity and I needed to mow the grass. As I was pulling the mower out of the shed two good friends pulled into our driveway and called me to come and help them in the house. I knew something was up. They announced that they had held a garage sale earlier that day and the day before (which we knew… the proceeds were to go to missions). What we did not know was that the mission was our family and Process Church. Several families had donated items to be sold in hopes that they could raise enough money for our moving expenses. According to my best calculations I had budgeted $1800-$2000. They raised a little over $1900.

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