The Hope of America Is…

So with the Democratic National Convention this week & the Republican Convention to follow next week, I thought I would break all the rules and talk about 1 of the 3 things you’re never supposed to talk about (especially with strangers)… the history of the dark pinstripe suit… I’m kidding.

I will admit that this election season I have found myself doing quite a bit of re-thinking. I am befuddled by those who would run the party flag so quickly up the pole with little regard given to the complete picture of an individual and how he might lead our country. So I have approached this election with (even more) caution. And to the disappointment of some, will still not say (it least in this forum) who my vote will be for come November.

My reason for writing is to remind myself that neither the Senator from Arizona nor the Senator from Illinois (ironically both states in which we have lived) are the hope of America. What this nation needs most is not alternative fuel or peace in the Middle East – both of which I am for. This broken country needs to experience Jesus. May those of us who wear His name also choose to follow Him throughout the week.


9 thoughts on “The Hope of America Is…

  1. I agree Rob it’s tight running. But I will add…there were some specific things (issues) that Jesus thought abominations. He didn’t look upon them ardently at all. That is, thus far, leaning me one direction over the other.

  2. I know where you’re coming from… and I don’t disagree. Sadly I feel that the hot topics have been relegated to a few (usually sexual – abortion, homosexuality, etc.) issues for some reason. I don’t disagree that one’s position on those issues is important, I just think the list of “important things” (things important to Jesus) should be MUCH broader.

  3. The pastor at my church said a few weeks ago that he wishes that people would vote for righteousness instead of what they want personally. The point he seemingly was trying to get at was that people compartmentalize–putting church things only on Sundays and themselves the rest of the week–and that the church usually doesn’t even consider what should be important to Jesus, even in a narrow sense. I just thought that I’d throw that out there.

    By the way, yes, Danica and I are living in Florida still. But we’re planning on moving because things in the town that we live in are really bad. It was name among the worst places in America to live because there is virtually no job market [I’ve been looking for a steady job for months!] Keep us in your prayers!

  4. What about moral, sincere, patriotic Americans who do not believe in Jesus? Jewish-Americans, Muslim-Americans, Buddhists, Atheists, Agnostics… What is wrong with making an informed intellectual decision based on facts rather than religion?

  5. One of the biggest things (from my view of Jesus) is the social justice issue. Christians ought to be first in line to care for the poor and widowed and imprisoned. And what about having the spirit of Jesus? I’m not talking so much about the candidates themselves or even their campaigns. But those of us that claim to follow Jesus often seem to set aside His spirit and enter quite uncivil discourse when it comes to politics. So I cast a vote for holding one’s personal positions with grace and civility… realizing that their are complexities in divisive issues. Complexities that I am not always be able to conceive.

  6. The truth is that we are not forced to vote for either of the candidates. I personally am considering only participating in the local races or just writing in my vote for president. “Lesser of two evils” is not a biblical principle.

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