Fundraising During Finanacial Collapses

We are in arguably the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression almost 80 years ago. All of us seem to be holding our breath as we await a “bailout package” that will represent hundreds of billions of dollars that we as taxpayers will help fund. Needless to say, financially speaking, these are tenuous times.

In the midst of this economic boom (that’s sarcasm) my family and I have decided to leave a healthy, growing church and a comfortable salary to become church planting missionaries.

So I am swimming in the waters of fundraising these days. Here’s what I know… my pastor used to say that what God orders He pays for. I get that. I’ve experienced that. And it translates this way for me:

  1. I believe that I am doing exactly what God has planned for me to do.
  2. I am going to work my fingers to the nub to make ends meet, but at the end of the day it will not be my hard work that “gets it done” for us financially.
  3. I believe that God is the Provider. Money is paper. Human currency. God is over all.
  4. I trust God. I know that He will put it in the heart of people to support us & in so doing allow His church to be built here in Duluth, GA.

7 thoughts on “Fundraising During Finanacial Collapses

  1. Rob!
    I am back from driving across the good ‘ol US of A. Three legs – last one 22 hours straight! I love the pic that goes along with this blog entry – I wish it was that nice!

  2. Didn’t your house sell in one of the worst housing markets? God is in charge. He can do what sometimes seems impossible to us.

  3. I agree with Suzie. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills! He is caring for us in just a fabulous way! Press on in the center of His Will. Praying for you and yours daily. Can’t wait to see you next week. MOM

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