Be the Church

If someone asked you what you were doing this weekend… specifically Sunday morning… what did you say? If you’re like many people of faith you may have answered, “I’m going to church.” I would like to challenge you to consider re-thinking that expression. I think the Scripture offers us a more complete definition of what being the church really looks like. That definition is pretty up for grabs these days. So I am not trying to split hairs but instead to more accurately define what it means to be the church.

The story of the birth of the church (as we know it) is recorded in the book of Acts. By looking to its genesis we can better understand what the church is supposed to be. In the first few chapters I see several repeating patterns that serve as descriptors for the modern church…

  1. they gave themselves to constant prayer
  2. they devoted themselves to teaching, fellowship & prayer
  3. they shared everything (possessions)
  4. they sold their stuff & gave to the needy
  5. they drew attention to Jesus in daily circumstances
  6. they emphasized forgiveness
  7. they humbly yet boldly exalted the exclusivity of Jesus
  8. they recognized that fear can be a good motivator
  9. they worked hard to speak no evil
  10. they freed others by doing work that they were equipped to do

May we too engage in these types of activities. This is what it means to be the church!

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