A New Day for Me & Blogging


OK here it is… there are many moments that I am incredibly undisciplined! Thanks to the prodding of several new friends (and some lifelong ones too) I am learning to see the value of writing and publishing my thoughts… on a regular basis.

The pressure of having to produce an article every day has kept me from doing it altogether. Then a friend suggested that I blog on my own terms and just let it flow. That makes sense to me.

So starting this week I will attempt to publish 2 articles each week… it could be less… it may be more.

The thought that is motivating me to write is this… I am seeing this practice as a spiritual discipline. Maybe that’s a bit much for you. Here’s how I see it: I am writing primarily for those that are looking in the window at Christianity wondering if there are any normal people left inside. My pastor used to say that, “the hit dog yelps.” So if you are a Christian and my previous sentence offends you, perhaps you need to be offended.

I am writing for those who are still trying to determine the benefits of following Jesus. I believe they are many.

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