Schindler’s List & the Way of Jesus

First a disclaimer: as with any good illustration, they generally fall apart at some point. In other words, only part of the story ever truly illustrates whatever idea you may be considering. I don’t think that means we shouldn’t use illustrations. Rather I think we have to understand that they are not the entire point of the thought we are considering.


I watched Schindler’s List again last night and was reminded of some parallels that this true story has to helping people discover the way of Jesus. If you have not watched this movie… BEWARE… potential plot spoilers to follow.

  1. our tendency is to remain detached – Schindler’s initial response was “ignorance is bliss”
  2. no perfect people required – Oskar Schindler was certainly no Albert Schweitzer (irony intended)
  3. when you understand the importance of something there is nothing you will not sacrifice to help others understand
  4. almost always this understanding will require that kind of sacrifice
  5. you will need to answer the question, “How much is one worth to you?
  6. in the end you will always wish you had given more & wonder if you have done enough

So this morning just after midnight I finished the movie in the way I always do… crying my eyes out. This time it was not only for the injustices done to the Jewish people but also because of the realization of the urgency of my need to sacrifice all to help people understand the Jesus of the Scriptures.

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