Why I Read

Unless you don’t know me very well yet you probably know that I am a book geek… no, really… I am. It has always been that way. For the last 4 years or so I have upped the ante even by my own standards. I’ve been reading at least a book each week.

An honest and fair question would be… why spend so much time reading? I have asked myself that question repeatedly of late and thought I’d share some of my thoughts here. This is why I read:

  1. to practice humility… learning from others indicates I don’t know everything
  2. to make spiritual progress… I want to keep growing
  3. to understand divergent viewpoints… this year Atheism & Buddhism
  4. to hone my teaching gifts… learning to speak in a way that is understandable
  5. to learn from great people’s stories… this year Obama & Billy Graham
  6. to stimulate myself intellectually… my reading grandmother lived to 99

In closing I share my favorite quotation on the subject. It is written on the bookmark I use to keep my place each week. Erasmus said, “When I have a little money I buy books… if any left over I buy food and clothes.”

6 thoughts on “Why I Read

  1. This post is the perfect illustration why conservative thinkers are so very different from liberal thinkers…They REFUSE to read about the opposing viewpoint to learn and be informed about how others view the world. They just dismiss any opposing view out of hand and vomit filthy personal attacks without ever addressing the merits of a differing viewpoint. Good Job

    1. Mike, I really appreciate your comments. I’d like to tell you it’s always been that way for me. I’m afraid I would have fit your other description for the early half of my career. Since I have learned that valid thoughts stand up to criticism. In fact, I believe they are strengthened by critical thinking… not threatened by it.

      Have we met? Always curious how people find my needle in the .com haystack.

  2. Rob, it’s nice that you’re reading now…hope their not all pictures and big print! Although for a guy my age, big print does have its place! As for grandma, she was a true Leader. She did things her way but was used by God to teach us values. No 4 year degree, no masters degree and no doctorate but definitely given a degree by our Heavenly Father that would teach generations of family and those with whom she worked. Thank you Mom for your generousity and love. And Rob, you keep on keeping on…Baldy!
    Love ya, your fat Uncle.

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