The Spirit of Thanksgiving

I guess I’ve always been a pretty thankful person… generally speaking. OK, I don’t even know what that means… pretty thankful? Generally speaking? Who am I kidding? For most of my life I have struggled giving thanks to anyone for anything. I’m a do-it-yourself kind of guy. I’d like to think that I work hard and that my hard work brings a positive result.

But in my honest moments I know there’s more to it than that. I know that even my greatest successes have come as I have stood on the shoulders of others.

This year I have found myself a little less selfish… maybe a little more humble. What’s changed?

God has ways of getting my attention. A little over a year ago He decided to do that (as it relates to this topic) by taking away my salaried ministry position. You may argue that He didn’t take it away… that I actually quit. Humanly speaking that is technically correct. But I did so only as a response to a supernatural calling my wife and I felt to start a new church in one of the fastest growing counties of the United States in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia.

So how has that fostered a spirit of thanksgiving in me? My family and I have had to rely completely on God to meet our needs through the generosity of others. It’s pretty humbling when you have to wait each week to see if there will be enough money in the account for a paycheck. So when the money is there it is with deep gratitude that we realize how it is there. We exist another day to start Process Church because of the faithful generous gifts of people who love us. People who know God and want others to know Him.

Last week I added a page on Facebook asking people to follow God’s steps as Process Church is formed. In just a few days 400 of you have already responded. I sat in my car at lunch one day and prayed for every one of you by name. We are truly thankful.

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