Mr. Everything

I was recently in the company of guy who seemed to be that impressive individual who could do it all exceptionally well. You know the type. They star on the football team, date the prettiest girl in school, get all A’s without trying and for their 16th birthday receive the keys to a brand new car. Oh sure, the list of achievements change as we get older, but there are those who still seem to do no wrong.

There is a deep desire to imitate them yet an even deeper resistance that there is no way one person can do everything with as much success as we see them projecting. What’s the truth here?

No one is as versatile as they seem. For every strength there is almost always an opposing weakness. An example from my own life is that many people have recognized in me a gift of discernment. The other side of that is that I have a tough time turning that off and can be overly critical.

No one has it all. So next time you are tempted to be jealous of someone that seems to have all their stuff together… believe the truth… they don’t. Be thankful for what you do well and work to do it better.

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