Recognize the Gift

With our first-ever service is in the books. I want to take a page from some that have gone before me and offer you some brief perspectives of what God did. I am personally exhausted and blown away by the steadiness of God. Whenever the Enemy shows up I know it means we’re on track… the Scriptures say so. Thankfully most of those attacks came in the hours leading up to this special day. Here is a glimpse of what went on this afternoon. I spoke from John 1:1-14 on our need to recognize the Gift.

The atmosphere was festive.
God kept the heavy rains away.
4 college students staffed our nursery.
People came who don’t go anywhere to church.
Some came from the invitations that we handed out.
Lauren Cox & Nick Magliochetti led music masterfully.
We had a few more than 50 people for this special first.
Chocolate Perks was the perfect place to welcome guests.
Pastor Dion & his family are the perfect addition to our family.
More than $100 was given to benefit FCS Ministries in Atlanta.

8 thoughts on “Recognize the Gift

  1. We prayed for your service before we had our meal. I will be so excited to hear what God will be doing from the seeds planted.

  2. Pastor Rob,

    We prayed for you yesterday in response to your E mail. We are so happy to hear that things went so well! God bless you and your family, and your new congregation. Merry Christmas! Love, The Berndts

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