Genesis 2-3

We all know of the direct connection between choice & consequence. If I consistently overeat and/or fail to exercise the consequence is an expanding waistline. If I engage in prolonged cheering (yelling) at my favorite sports event, the consequence is a sore throat. You get the idea. This story in Genesis 2-3 is the first story of choice & consequence. If you haven’t already… take a few moments to read it.

Here are a few questions that may stimulate your thinking as you read:

1. Why did God rest?
2. Why do you think God made man?
3. Why did God tell man not to eat of one tree?
4. Why did God make woman?
5. In what way was the serpent shrewd?
6. What is your definition of sin?
7. What stands out to you about Adam & Eve’s choice?
8. What were the consequences of their choice?

If you’d like to read a concise commentary of these two chapters click HERE and HERE.

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