Genesis 6-9

While this is an admittedly difficult text to understand, I think wading through (there I go with the water puns again) the story can give us God’s view of sin which is always accompanied by His mercy. To some extent I think we can see that God is merciful even in the allowance of this epic worldwide Flood. Study the evidence on both sides. My own opinion has grown over the years as I have examined both and landed on a position that I believe to be both Scriptural and scientific… the two do not have to always be in competition.

Here are a few questions to stimulate your thinking as you read:

1. From verses 5-12 of chapter 6, what impact did man’s sin have on God’s decision to flood the earth?
2. What is your picture (or experience) of what the ark must have looked like?
3. How does that understanding change now that you’ve read the Scripture?
4. What parts of this story are tough for you to swallow?
5. Dig down a little and explore the multiple ways that God is merciful (even in His justice)… 6:17-21; 9:8-17.

To read some brief commentary on these four chapters. Once you follow this link you can continue to click the arrows under each chapter heading to visit the next chapter in succession… Genesis 6-9.

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