Genesis 10-12

This series of chapters though they appear to be quite different are actually carrying the same theme. Don’t pass too quickly over the sometimes coma-inducing reading of the names. In this case (as most always) they mean something. Do your best to dig for their meaning… especially the list in chapter 10. In these pages there is a strong sense that we are embarking on a new era. I am especially struck by the commonness of this man who would become Abraham, the father of many nations.

A few questions to get you thinking as you read:

1. What is the significance of the genealogy listed in chapter 10?
2. What blows your mind about the Tower of Babel story?
3. How do you see God reacting in chapter 11?
4. What do you like about Abram?
5. In chapter 12 verses 10-20 what is going on?
6. Are you sympathetic to Abram’s situation?
7. Does his situation justify his decision?

To read some brief commentary on these three chapters. Once you follow this link you can continue to click the arrows under each chapter heading to visit the next chapter in succession… Genesis 10-12.

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