Genesis 13-14

Dealing with conflict is something that most of us would rather avoid. Unfortunately we learn that the more we avoid it (often) the greater the issue becomes. Here we find a story – though not meant to be prescriptive for every situation – that can be instructive to us in handling disagreement and conflict. Once again Abram shows his true mettle in chapter 14 as he reacts counterintuitively to Lot’s distress. If we could learn to practice this type of forgiveness. This type of grace. How profoundly our relationships would benefit.

May these questions lead us to understand ourselves better:

1. Why did Abram & Lot separate?
2. What can we learn from Abram’s solution?
3. What does Abram’s solution say about his maturity?
4. How did God seem to respond to Abram’s handling of the situation?
5. Why do you think one of Lot’s men thought to contact Abram?
6. In what way does Abram’s response mirror Jesus’ response to people?
7. What does the blessing of Melchizedek say about the way Abram handled things?

To dig down a little deeper check out this valuable summary – Genesis 13-14.

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