Genesis 15-16

From the very beginning I have made a concerted effort to not make promises to our kids that I may not or cannot keep. I have often opted to not promise  at all if there is even a remote chance that I will be unable to make good on my promise. That said, I’m certain that even with all of my effort and attention, that there have certainly been times where I did not make good on something promised. God is not like me. One of His many distinguishing characteristics is that He keeps all of His promises… all of them.

Hopefully these questions will help you reflect on the perfect promises of God:

1. Do you think God would have kept His promise even if Abram didn’t believe?
2. Upon what do you base your answer to #1?
3. What was significant about the fact that this covenant was geographic?
4. Many scholars believe that chapter 16 is the beginning of the tension between Jews & Arabs. What’s your take?
5. Do you think God “sanctioned” this kind of sexual behavior exhibited by Abram?
6. What do Abram’s actions say about his level of trust in the promise of God that he would have a son?

Follow this link to read some further commentary on Genesis 15-16.

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