Genesis 17-18

When someone mentions the word change there are usually very few people that get in that line. The thought of the discomfort it will likely cause us to move from our norms is most unattractive. Yet when change is presented as metamorphosis or improvement… the line is out the door. We so want to be about this kind of change as a church that we have included it in our list of core values. You can read more about that… HERE. The best change of all comes as we respond favorably to the changes that God initiates in us.

Hopefully these questions will help you reflect on the perfect promises of God:

1. Why do you think God changed Abram’s name?
2. What was God really promising Abraham?
3. What was the spiritual significance of circumcision? What was it signifying?
4. If circumcision was so spiritually significant… then why only an act for men?
5. As it relates to God’s promise… in what way did Abraham still not get it?
6. What do you takeaway from the back-and-forth between God & Abraham in chapter 18 verses 23-33?

Follow this link to read some further commentary on Genesis 17-18.

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