The Color of Church

This book is a must read for anyone living in a multi-ethnic context… which would mean almost all of us. Woo argues not from theory, but from the position of practitioner. His ideas are not just possibilities, they are realities. I agree that the American church can and should reflect the beautiful diversity that Woo and his Houston church have come to embody. Heaven should not be the first place that this becomes the norm.

My dream and prayer for Process Church is that we would reflect the beautiful texture and fabric of our growingly diverse culture.

I especially appreciated two things about The Color of Church. First and foremost I appreciated the carefully laid out biblical basis given for this kind of thinking. Second I was thankful to hear the “how”. We are not left with just the command to do it or the reasons behind why we should do it. Woo lays out a plan that is both doable and reproducible.

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