Genesis 27-28

So clearly we are seeing patterns of deception that characterize these early patriarchs. This week’s first story is about deception’s close cousin stealing. For what is thievery if not deception in disguise? It is the ultimate ruse… taking something that you know does not belong to you and pretending that it does. The obvious path in a story like this is to think of actual physical stealing and release ourselves because we don’t do that. But in what ways are we responsible for passing off someone else’s something as our own?

Here are a few questions to get us thinking about ourselves:

1. What is your understanding of this “blessing” that is being spoken of?
2. Why was it significant to be the recipient of the blessing?
3. What role did Rebekah play in the deception?
4. Why the prohibition of marrying Canaanite women (chapter 28)?
5. What strikes you about Jacob’s dream at Bethel?
6. Why do you think God chose to bless Jacob in spite of his deception?

For a little extra sauce check out this commentary… Genesis 27-28.

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