Genesis 29-30

Newton’s third law of motion states that, “Every action has a reaction equal in magnitude and opposite in direction.” Many Indian religions speak of Karma as that which causes the entire cycle of cause and effect. And the Bible says that whatever you sow is precisely what you will reap. Bottom line? The actions we take extend beyond the mere moment when we perform them. In the last few weeks we have seen this time and again. This week may be the  most atrocious example given yet.

Here are a few questions to get us thinking about ourselves:

1. How much of what Laban does is cultural & how much is Jacob getting what he deserved?
2. What are the positive aspects of the principle of sowing and reaping?
3. What are the negative aspects of the principle of sowing and reaping?
4. Why do you think God chooses so often to work through disfunction?
5. In this whole goat mating business is Jacob returning to his previous dishonesty or is something else at work?
6. Why do you think God again seems to bless Jacob in spite of his apparent deception?

For a little extra help check out this commentary… Genesis 29-30.

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